Ibiza clubbing to Ibiza Zenning

Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time and felt totally at home?? This is how Ibiza has always been for me.

People would often question why I would visit the same place year after year and it was hard to put into words. It’s something I feel needs to be experienced, how can you describe MAGIC….words won’t ever do it justice.

I first visited Ibiza in 2001 when I was 15, with my mum and sister, I think our grandparents bought us an all-inclusive holiday as a gift, actually looking back it’s pretty amazing that they had a part to play in this! Back then we stayed in Santa Eulalia, so my heart is lovingly planted there with this memory. 

I then re-visited 2 years later when I was 17, this was a very different kind of holiday, I was introduced to Ibiza by our good friends Helen and Damo, who had been visiting the island for many years prior, Ibiza veterans to the core, our guides and best friends.  We were shown the best parties on the island, amazing restaurants, beautiful beaches and I was blown away. I’ve always loved to dance but the dancefloors here were like nothing I had ever experienced, London threw some pretty amazing parties but Ibiza was next level!! It fulfilled my souls craving for connection and love. We came together on those dancefloors (We love on a Sunday at Space….there are no words!!)

The music was immense, driving and uplifting. It was the music mixed with the sense of togetherness that made it so magical and these experiences had me hooked. Year after year we would return and explore all the island had to offer, appreciating the nature and the magical energy of the whole island just as much as the clubs. In this sense nothing has changed, Ibiza is still vibing high, even though the clubbing slowly came to an end as I knew it. 

Lifestyle shake up!!

My lifestyle took a drastic change about 4 years ago now, I won’t go into too much detail about this, as it’s a whole other blog post, but I began on a deep journey of self-exploration from a weekend spent with ayahuasca, an Amazonian plant medicine that showed me a new way to live in months and years to follow. Since then partying has not been a solid part of my life in the way it used to be, and the visits to Ibiza slowed. Instead I decided to travel further a field, working my way around parts of the Americas. I changed. Ibiza Changed. (Space closed 😞). Those dancefloors were an incredible and vital part of my story that I am eternally grateful for, with no regrets whatsoever, just a deep appreciation for this island and all its healing, because it was all healing. But as with everything in life, there can be too much of a good thing and I knew that my time had come to stop the partying because no part of me desired this.

So another era has descended and I was pulled back to the island that has always been with me, just without the partying and instead with all the delightful energy she has to offer beyond that. Though I do go for a party occasionally, but in a much gentler way, where bedtime actually exists, usually before midnight!

Now I am embracing Ibiza’s incredible holistic side. It’s an island that’s full of healing, both from the island itself, the nature and vibration and also from the beautiful people that choose to live here from all over the world.  You can find just about everything on this little island, from ecstatic dance, kirtans, wellness walks, really the list is endless and there are always new things to explore. We are living in a time of deep transformation, whereby we are looking for something more, a deeper connection to each other and to life. Ibiza holds a space for this to happen, whether it be on those dancefloors or walking in the forests. She loves and accepts everybody just as they are.

Ibiza Magnetism!

Maybe one of the reasons I was drawn back year after year was because on my first ever visit to Ibiza I went to visit Es Vedra. There are lots of myths about this famous rock, it is said to be the 3rd most magnetic rock in the world, coming after the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. And they say those who visit upon first arrival will always be drawn back. 

It’s certainly one of my favourite places to visit, to this day, even though I have been there time and time again, it never ever loses its charm. Standing at over 400 metres tall, each time this majestic rock comes into view when driving towards Cala d’hort, I can’t help but be blown away by its beauty and majesty. There is a sense of magic and possibilities when in its presence and I feel a deep peace and clarity when I am close.

For such a tiny island, Ibiza sure does have a big reputation around the world, it’s a powerful place, renown for its parties but also for its magical energy. There are so many hidden treasures to be found here, so much healing to be had. We are blessed to be living on our dream island, and we have many exciting projects unfolding. We want to give back to this island all the love (tough in moments) it has given us.

All my love, 

Ness x