The Zen Sisters Story

Hello everyone!

Well its been a while hasn’t it! Blogging has take a bit of a backseat since we’ve been travelling the world and moving through a life transition. But here we are settling down on the beautiful island of Ibiza and we thought we would begin our blogging journey again by offering you our little story of how we arrives at this point and what we are creating here.

So rewind……we started our community Facebook page Let Love Heal the Way many years ago, it was at a point when we wanted to create a love based community, sharing inspirational posts and everything love related. From then we have both grow so much, as we are sure those who have been following us have too.

We are two sisters on one mission. To be love and empower others to be their own source of love, because we know how this practice, an ever-evolving journey towards our soul-selves, changes life into a magical playground, rich in contentment and peace. We are not just sisters, but best friends and love to work together, bringing our energy and love of life wherever we go, weaving it into all we do. There really is not better feeling than giving your time and love to another and seeing their whole being shift at the end of our time together.

It’s not always been so light filled, we have both been on our own inner journeys. Yet born from the darker periods in our lives, from being vulnerable enough to open to the vastness of ourselves, we have concluded both as individuals and together that love awakens within after remembering who we are at a soul level. We are the love we seek. We are rich beyond what we are capable sometimes to imagine. Yet with a consistent will to try, and ultimately to surrender to what is, love is there for us all to awaken to in every moment.

Originally from the north of England, we made the move to Ibiza in March this year to grow roots, a community and to share our passions within that. The becoming of a life-long dream is pouring forth into fruition. We both left the ‘security’ of our full-time jobs working in the corporate and wellness industry in London over two years ago to pursue something bigger to follow the calling of our souls on what we felt to be our true path. It was a scary move on a human level, but we knew all too well of the falsities of fear and moved as gracefully as we could above and beyond, staying centered in our heart spaces and trusting the path that was unfolding before us. Since then, life has taken a gigantic turn towards fulfilling our souls purpose daily and it feels sensational to finally be living our sacred purpose, all held in the divine timing of the universe.

Vanessa for all of her adult life worked in corporate jobs but always knew that it was not her forever job and that something else was destined for her. After starting a yoga practice 6 years ago, she quickly realised that yoga was her thing, she was completely in love. A few years after she completed her teacher training in Thailand and became a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa/Rocket Teacher. Since then, through travelling, teaching and training (Mandala/Yin) she has flourished and has arrived into her own style which is a beautiful yoga vinyasa flow with an element of dance. She also trained in intuitive energy massage in Guatemala and has since been developing this beautiful gift. Vanessa’s knows how loving yourself affects everything in your life, her journey back to love has been an interesting ride but one that she wouldn’t change, sharing what she’s learnt along the way and still learning is a really important part of her life because she knows its value.

Camilla was working in London in the health & wellness industry for over 10 years, as a Personal trainer, Group fitness instructor, Zumba Instructor, Massage Therapist, Rahanni Energy Healer, Dietitian and Health coach. Of which she loved, helping others to feel healthier, happier and more alive. A lot of her empathy and understanding was born from her own experience with bulimia nervosa, this journey is what has fuelled her strong desire to help others on their path to body-soul love. Camilla has always danced, sang and written songs since a young age. Since leaving London with Vanessa in 2016, she has traveled the Americas, begun to to learn the Spanish language, and learnt a lot about who she is, what drives her soul and what she wants to offer the world – an original fusion of music and healing therapies that she offers throughout Zendays and the their Retreats.

Together we have combined all the things we love to offer:

IBIZA ZENDAYS: The ultimate day of relaxation, bliss and fun on the stunning island of Ibiza. Ibiza Zendays is a bespoke day retreat service where we bring the retreat to villas, hotels, apartments, yachts…. We give the opportunity for people to create their own bespoke retreat choosing from Yoga, Yoga/Dance (Yogodessey), Group Fitness, Massage, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Reflexology, Group Sound Baths, Singing Circles, Live Music, plus Delicious Vegan Food and Treats. We are also delighted to offer beauty treatments as requested.

SELF_LOVE RETREATS: A 5 day retreat offering poolside talks, gentle yoga loving, self-love workshop fun, cosmic guided meditation, delicious vegan food by mamma zen, soothing sunsets, live music, magical massages and more to tickle all of your senses. A safe space for others to come to re-connect to their inner love being.

PRIVATE 1:1 BESPOKE RETREATS: Exactly what it says on the tin. We allow others to design their time with us for the ultimate Zen Sisters deluxe experience.

RETREAT CONCIERGE: Offering those who want to hold a beautiful retreat here in Ibiza a stress-free service. We take the pressure off, so retreat hosts can just turn up and do what they love. Turning retreat dreams into reality.

And at the end of it all we are simply creating a hub of love where we offer moments for nourishment, replenishment and sacred self-care. Offering our knowledge, wisdom and presence here in this paradise of Ibiza to help further you on your journey towards a deeper love or to just come, relax and be pampered.

We over-joyed to share our new projects with you. Thank you so much for reading this 🙂 More blogs coming soon…… <3

You can contact us here:

All our love,

Cami & Ness

(The Zen Sisters)