Ibiza clubbing to Ibiza Zenning

Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time and felt totally at home?? This is how Ibiza has always been for me. People would often question why I would visit the same place year after year and it was hard to put into words. It’s something I feel needs to be experienced, how can you describe MAGIC….words won’t ever do it justice. I first visited Ibiza in 2001 when I was 15, with my Read more about Ibiza clubbing to Ibiza Zenning[…]

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Ibiza One Day Retreat Information

Here we have a deeper explanation of everything we can offer within an Ibiza Zenday Retreat. For anything else you would like to know please email us. We are happy to help you create the day of your dreams. If you want something that isn’t listed here, for example a hula hoop class or a fire show for something extra special, go ahead and ask and we will do our best! In Ibiza, anything is Read more about Ibiza One Day Retreat Information[…]

What can yoga teach us?

Valuable life lessons are often learnt on the yoga mat, I’ve received so much insight about myself through practicing, whilst also being taught tools that I can adopt off the mat. The mat is where it all starts but the yoga journey is never ending.

Yoga is the bridge between the body and mind, it’s a journey back to that place of peace that resides in all of us, back to our true selves. Yoga is such a beautiful gift of self-exploration and self-development, it helps bring you home. Showing up on your mat, whether you’re feeling like it or not is enough, there is a lesson to be learnt in that itself. Yoga is a reflection of life: Some days we wake up feeling a lightness and other days there is some darkness and it’s all fine, part of yoga is about accepting and embracing what is, it’s about learning to breathe through whatever comes up and showing up regardless of how you’re feeling.


The Zen Sisters Story

Hello everyone! Well its been a while hasn’t it! Blogging has take a bit of a backseat since we’ve been travelling the world and moving through a life transition. But here we are settling down on the beautiful island of Ibiza and we thought we would begin our blogging journey again by offering you our little story of how we arrives at this point and what we are creating here. So rewind……we started our community Read more about The Zen Sisters Story[…]